• People we need Praying 100% 100%
  • People that commit to pray 100% 100%
  • Historical Average .5% .5%

We don’t take it lightly when we ask that you become a prayer partner. Being a prayer partner in a ministry of the Lord Jesus is no light commitment. The commitment to pray will be faced with all types of distractions and obstacles. We are not asking for you to pray beyond your faith. We want you to pray for what you can believe and be just as honest as the father of the young man who threw himself in the water then the fire, when he says to Christ, “I believe but help thou my unbelief”.

We will supply you with the things we need you to pray for concerning the ministry, and we ask that you pray without ceasing until the day comes that those prayers be fulfilled. We are keenly aware that the bible says that when we pray that we are not to make vain repetitions and we agree with the scripture.

“If you struggle to believe God can, don’t continue to ask God to”. -Pastor D

The Intercessors will have an appointed time to pray for the ministry daily. Periodically, you will be called to gather to receive prayer from Pastors Colbert. We want to remain connected. We’ll keep you updated so that you may have your faith increased and feel liberated to grow in faith.

Remember we are looking for people that have a burden to pray.